Wittich & Visser

Ingenieursbureau Wittich & Visser was founded in 1924 and since then specialized in scientific and meteorological instruments.

The products of Wittich & Visser combine reliable accurate measurement with an excellent price performance. Wittich & Visser is made to measure.



Ingenieursbureau Wittich & Visser bv is specialist in scientific and meteorological instruments. We have our own programme of high quality and affordable meteorological sensors: Meteo M&R. Wittich & Visser is also distributor in the Benelux for quality brands like Gill Instruments, Scintec and Radiometrics.

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Wittich & Visser can provide complete systems for any application where meteorological measurements are required. For example meteorological research from surface layer to upper air or routine weather observations. Wittich & Visser is an excellent partner for (inter)national tenders, also when conventional meteorological equipment is requested.

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kalibratie & service

calibration & service

Most weather sensors have regular calibration and maintenance needed to maintain high performance. Witch & Visser offers calibration equipment for each sensor. We can also calibrate your sensors for you . We have a reminder service to help you remember that your instruments need calibration and maintenance you.

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Meteo M&R Programme

For measurement & control with scientific and meteorological instruments.

Our products

Wittich has a wide range scientific and meteorological instruments.

Here you can see some our top range products: