Ingenieursbureau Wittich & Visser was founded in 1924 and since then specialized in scientific and meteorological instruments.

The products of Wittich & Visser combine reliable accurate measurement with an excellent price performance. Wittich & Visser is made to measure.

Products in the spotlights:

rain detectors
weather stations

All product categories:


Instruments for windmeasuring, from handhelds to ultrasonic windsensors.

Temperature & Humidity

Measuring and recording of temperature, relative and absolute humidity and dew point.

Precipitation & Storm

Instruments for the detection and measurement of precipitation, storm and cloud height.

Weather stations

Compact ready-made weather stations and custom made weather stations

Radiation & Light

Lux, radiation, sunshine duration and visibility

Air pressure

Barotransmitters, barographs and barometers for measuring and recording air pressure.


Instruments for measuring photosynthesis, gas analyzers, soil moisture and salinity, sap flow and chlorophyll fluorescence