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Blake-Larsen Sun Recorder

The Blake-Larsen Sun Recorder is a simple and unique sensor to determine sunshine duration. It detects sunshine duration as the human eye would do by its design and measuring principle. In contrast with present methods, it even determines sunshine duration with dusk and dawn.



The Blake-Larsen Sun Recorder is unique! Sunshine is determined by mimicking the way a human would determine whether the sun shines. Light, reflected by the dome, passes through a special filter unto the LUX-sensor. A scientifically deduced algorithm then determines whether the sun is shining or not. Research and thorough testing ensured our method confines with the WMO standard.

We all like to know where to expect sunny weather and for that sunshine duration is the main parameter. Besides being interesting for sunbathers, sunshine duration is an important parameter to the agricultural and solar energy sector. The Blake-Larsen Sun Recorder can be applied all over the world by professionals and amateurs, from holiday resorts to prospective locations for solar energy.

Use and installation
After putting the device to the right direction and under the right angle, the GPS automatically determines the location and the Sun Recorder starts recording. Occasionally, the recorder needs a check-up for exterior cleaning and that’s it!


Brochure (PDF)

User Manual (PDF)


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