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Various instruments for the detection and measurement of precipitation, storm and cloud height.

  • The PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System for preventive lightning protection continuously measures and analyses the evolution of the atmospheric electric field. This system supports the monitorization of the thunderstorm cloud electrification process, the generation of early warnings and alerts and the detection of lightning discharges in a radius of up to 20km.
  • Rain gauge model ARG100 diabolo. This low cost aerodynamic gauge is a robust, extremely accurate rainfall measurement device.
  • 6463-M AeroCone Davis rain collector (Flat surface mount) replaces the 7852.
  • Rain gauge with 200 cm² circular collecting area (WMO standard), made of stainless steel.
  • The RSA is a rain sensor with a processor controlled relay contact and surface temperature control and is ideal for climate control systems such as sun blinds and greenhouse automation.
  • The rain alarm consists of a sensor model RSG-4 and a signal converter model 8RA-4 and provides a switch-over contact when it rains. The sensor is gold-plated and corrosion resistant. Heating elements in the sensor prevents unintended alarm when there is heavy mist or dew. The sensitivity of the switch-over contact is adjustable on the signal converter. The unit is used to open and close windows or greenhouses.
  • The SBS rain gauge is a uniquely shaped aerodynamic rain gauge which conforms to the British Standard for tipping bucket raingauges.


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